Aslam Rasoolpuri

           A study in Siraiki

     Siraiki zaban unda rasmulkhat ate awazan(siraiki language its its script and
sounds)by Muhammad AslamRasulpuri published by siraiki publications
Rasulpur Tehsil Jampur District  D.G.Khan 1980 pages 102 white paper price 10

This book is written in persian script but in Siraiki language. making
a difficult for an uninitiated reader .Following the two forewards and
an introduction .The bookdeals in three chapters with the development of the Siraiki language 'its script and its sounds.This followed by a chapter on the regional distribution ofSiraikiand a short epitome.A reasonably select bibliography is appended.

The book is an attempt to present briefly for main findings of
researchers about the Siraiki language its script and sounds The views
of different authors have been presented cogently'intersperted  with
personal opinions of the author.The origin of Siraiki are traced
about 6000 years (!) in Mundari a dravidian dialect .similarities
between Siraiki and Sanskrit 'Hebrew'Pali'Marathi 'Pishaci ,Chinese
Varachada Upbharnash Arabic Sindhi Persian Pashtu Balochi etc have
been pointed out 'but here author seems to be over-zealous drawing
somewhat hurried  conclusions .Punjabi seems to have been omitted
purposely.which is unfair.As a background  of Siraiki script a bird
eyeview of the evolution of various scripts and  alphabets  is
given.The origin of the  Siraiki script is said to be Dravidian
followed by Brahmi Khroshti Devanagri Lunda before Islam 'Arabic and
Persian after Islam.The last being  the present script of Siraiki.An
analysis of Siraiki sounds is attemped  in four groups.The
peculiar Siraiki sounds are said to be Mundari in origin.Distribution
of Siraiki is shown in four groups central southern northern and
So far as it goes ' the attempt is sincere but over zealous.It is yet
to be seen what verdict the research workers will finally give to the
Siraiki language.whose name is variously a scribed by the author to
sur-a-ki (Assyrians) or to sur  a name for northern Sind.
Another thing also detracts from the value of this wise useful book.
If the objective was to inform the readers about the status of
Siraiki.Its writing in Siraiki language does not fulfil this purpose
as very few readers will find it easy reading except the Siraiki
speaking ones.'who are already conscious of that.Had it been written
in Urdu(or for that matter even in English)It might have gatherd a
larger membership.Anyhow it is good contribution to Siraiki
linguistics and should form  part of the regional language's section of
any library.The author deserves encouragement as he has published the
book himself on a small scale 'out of the pocket money savings''of his
children to whom it is rightfully dedicated I.A.A.(published in
daily Pakistan Times .dated 11-december 1981)

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