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My articles, included in other published books

1- Siraiki literature and Pakistani society

I read this paper in a seminar held in Karachi University and published in

the book Pakistani society and literature

Published in April 1987

Pakistan study center Karachi University

2-Lutf Ali, life and Poetry (Siraiki)

Published in the book "Siraiki -2001

Edited: Dr, professor Anwar Ahmed Urdu department B.Z, University Multan

Bahauddin Zakria University .Multan

3- Jhoomri jum turay (Siraiki)

Sawail ,University Magazine

Siraiki Department Islamia Universty Bahawal pur

Published in December 1995

4- Khawaja Farid and Siraiki land (Urdu)

Published in College Magazine Koonj 2001

Government boys college .Jampur/Rajan pur

5- Sachal Sarmast aaeeN Qazi Ali Akbar Drazi (Sindhi)

Published in 1979

Qazi Ali Akbar Drazi Rohri Sindh


My Prefaces

1- AkhaanaaN daa Roop (Siraiki )

Name of Book --AkhaanaaN( Proverbs) by Ejaz Dervi

Published in 1978

Dabestan-i-Saher Dera Ghazi Khan

2-Siraiki lok Qissay

Name of Book Siraiki lok Qissay (Siraiki folk stories) by Ashraf Buzdar

Published in 1979

Indus publication Dera Ghazi Khan

3-Siraiki Qaumi Shaer (Siraiki)

Qaidee Takht Lahore Day (Prisoners of Lahore dynasty) by Ashiq Buzdar

published in 1986

Siraiki lok sanjh .Rajan pur

4- Lutfan dee Shaery (poetry of Lutfan)

published in 1975

Siraiki adabi Sangat Allah bad

Other Articles published in different national Journals
In monthly' Balochi Dunya' 29-writers colony Multan

1-Linguistic relations between Siraiki and Balochi languages(Urdu)

Published in December 1975

2- Common cultural elements in Siraiki and Baochi(Urdu)

Published in October 1974

In Monthly 'Pakistani Adab' State life building no -7 Muhammad Ali Jinah Road Karachi

3-Siraiki and Punjabi (languages) in Urdu

published in JULY 1975

4-Siraiki and Punjabi Culture (Urdu)

Published in April 1975

In monthly 'Kitab' national book foundation rewaz garden Lahore

1- Fridiat---new topic in Siraiki language (Urdu)

Published in August 1978


Quarterly 'Siraiki' Jhoke Siraiki Bahawal pur

I-Problems of pronunciation in Siraiki poetry (Siraiki)

Published in October 1976

2-Khawja Farid ,Iqbal and Nietzsche (Siraiki)

Published in January 1981

3- A critic study of Siraiki primers (Siraiki)

Published in January 1978

4- Noor Muhammad Sael (Siraiki)

Published in October 1975

Other articles published in quarterly Siraiki

1-January 1975

2-july 1977

3-July 1980

4-October 1991

5-April 1992
In monthly 'Siraiki Adab '29-writers colony Multan

articles about Siraiki language ,poetry and poets

1-Peer Rasoolpuri --October 1974

2-Shah Murad Dee Yad --December 1974

3- Imam Bakhish Dilsoze---February 1975

4-Nabi Bakhish Ghafil --March 1975

5-Muhammad Yar Ariz--December 1974

6-Willayat Shah ---July 1975

7-Translations in Siraiki language November 1987

8-Siraiki diaN khedmat gar khawaateen --january 1976

9-Khawja Muhammad Bakhish Nazik ---October 1975

10-Aslam Qureshi daa fun ---October 1979

11-Umar Marvi ---April 1981

12-About poetry of Khawaja Farid (Siraiki) October 1992

13-Muhammad Hussein Shad--September 1974

14-Siraiki folk songs of Mianwali district--March ,April 1980

15-Siraiki wich muzahemti shaery --january 1996

16-Dukhin kaneeN diaN waliaN .September 1991

17-Story of self identity ----April 1980

18-New thoughts in poetry of Sachal Sarmast May 1984

19-Siraiki folk songs ---April 1987

20-Wiandee Rut Dee Sham---March 1990

21-Linguistic relations between Sindhi and Siraiki language --March 1984

22- Reflections of real life in poetry of Khawaja Farid---November 1985

23-Panthism in poetry of Khawaja Farid---March 1980

25-Apna shankhti card dekha---Siraiki ---May 1988

Soorij( Issue no -1) ' farid abad colony Dera Ghazi Khan

Short history of Siraiki language (Siraiki)


Articles about Siraiki language and literature published in weekly news papers

I am giving here only names and dates of news papers

1-Weekly Garb Dera ghazi Khan

24-August 1974

26-january 1967


2- weekly Neelab Jampur

23-March 1994


3- weekly Sahil Rajan pur

9-December 1986


4- Weekly Bilal Dera Ghazi Khan

30-June 1992

1-July 1992

4-july 1984

26-september 1984

15-Feburary 1995

30-Mrch 1995

26-Mrch 1994

28-Mrch 1994

8-March 1995

28-April 1993

27-July 1994

1-December 1993

2nd March 1994

26th-Jnuary 1994

9th March 1994

1st September 1993

21st September 1994

15-December 1993

12-January 1994

15-April 1995

20-June 1994

15- November 1995

25-January 1995

After 1995 I have written several other article which have been published in several journals










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